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Everything you need to know to make great coffee at home, save money, and improve your at-home coffee experience. 

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Looking for the best Keurig for your kitchen? Perhaps you’re trying to find an affordable espresso machine? Whatever it is you’re looking for I have a buying guide that can help.


Let’s start brewing some amazing coffee! Use this coffee ratio and make excellent coffee in your own kitchen.


Save big bucks and make your favorite coffee drinks at home with these easy coffee recipes.

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Coffee Roast Levels: Learning about roast types will help you understand the difference between the coffees you purchase and the taste you can expect from each roast level.

What is an Americano: Definition, origin, caffeine and calorie content, what makes them different from other espresso-based drinks and you’ll also learn how to make them at home.

How much caffeine in a cup of coffee: Wondering how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee? In this article, you’ll discover how much caffeine most popular coffee drinks have.
What is a macchiato: Everything you ever wanted to know about macchiato coffee. Origin, definition, macchiato drinks, caffeine content and how to make it at home.

What is this blog about?

The goal of this blog is to help you brew amazing coffee at home, simplify the process, and help you make favorite coffee drinks in your own kitchen.

The site is full of simple tips and easy-to-follow recipes. I also research and test coffee equipment, so you can make better informed decisions when buying a new coffee maker for your home.

Enjoying your favorite coffee drinks from the comfort and coziness of home is easier than you think, and I’ll show you that anyone can make great coffee with just a little bit of help.


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