Wolfgang Puck K cup Review – Crème Caramel

Hey, friends, today I want to share my impressions about Wolfgang Puck’s Crème Caramel Kcup pack. But, before we start I would just like to mention this low score you can see on the right.

This coffee was not a complete miss. In fact, it did have few really nice characteristics. Still, some very important things were missing here, which resulted in this ranking. This is why I strongly suggest reading this whole review, and decide if this coffee will fulfill your own demands.

wolfgang puck Kcups

When I first took this Kcup I did expect a lot from it. After all, it has a name Wolfgang Puck on it! So, the first thing you expect is that it will give you a nice cup of coffee, like the one you get in their restaurants.

The one amazing thing about this coffee is its caramel flavor. You could feel amazing caramel aroma even before water start coming out of the brewer. Yes, this was unique.

Even better, the entire time it had the same level of flavor. Although I am not a flavored coffee fan, this did leave a really good impression on me. My main objection here is that you couldn’t feel anything else. I couldn’t find even a hint of coffee aroma anywhere.

With the first sip I was completely surprised with very uncommon combination of pleasant mouthfeel and sadly, unpleasant taste. It had beautiful creamy mouthfeel , with nice smokey finish.

Still, the taste was a completely different story. Caramel flavor completely  covered all coffee characteristics, leaving just a little bitterness.

The aftertaste did not bring anything new. Even in the aftertaste all I could feel was a lot of caramel flavor. This is why this experience was more like eating a caramel bar or buttery popcorn than drinking coffee.

One more thing I did like drinking this coffee was its nice light brown color and beautiful  texture of the drink. Still it kind of tasted watery. You could feel caramel on one side and water on the other. Somehow, producer didn’t manage to bring these two together very well.

I honestly couldn’t find absolutely nothing beside caramel in this coffee, which resulted in one flat, boring taste. The caramel literally covers everything. I couldn’t feel even a hint of coffee aroma, and that is why this coffee just can’t get good grades from me. After all, at Coffee Stylish coffee is what really counts.

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Even though I didn’t like this blend, I have to say that there is a chance for some of you to like this coffee. Mostly, because of its strong and quality caramel taste.

Maybe you like flavored coffees because they have weaker coffee taste? You drink flavored coffees because of their flavor but you don’t care too much about coffee aroma?! Well, then you might love this one. :)

I suppose that this blend can be very well used when making dessert like coffee drinks. A lot of whipped cream, chocolate sauce in combination with the persistent caramel we find in this coffee can be a really good choice for the summer.

Wolfgang Puck K cup Review

The drink: Wolfgang Puck Crème Caramel Kcup
Producer: Wolfgang Puck
Roast: Medium
Certified: Kosher
Have you tried Wolfgang Puck Crème Caramel Kcup before?! I invite you to share your opinion.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CrossCountryCafe .com. All opinions are 100% mine.



  1. Mike says

    Good review. When I was reviewing K-cups, I found a lot of the flavored ones were like that, just too over the top.

  2. says

    Hey, I really appreciate the review. I tried several similar coffees and I think it is just the fact that I don’t like caramel makes me not like these type of coffees, but I know those who like these tastes will probably enjoy it. I love how you do reviews, with good and bad and give us all info we need.

    • Danijela says

      Hi, Brankica,
      thanks for supporting my work and for this lovely comment. It really means a lot to me! :) I have to say that, even thought this is a sponsored review, people from Cross Country Cafe accepted this review right away. So, even thought this Kcup got only two stars, Cross Country Cafe gets five stars from me, that’s for sure. :) Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

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