Espresso – The Italian Style Prestige

Have you ever wondered what makes espresso so special?! Its taste, aroma or its tradition?! Although I am not a fan of history lessons, the truth is that espresso wouldn't have such an important place in coffee culture without its exciting history. So, in order to understand its true value it would not be bad to start from the very beginning. Espresso Story People tend to believe that espresso bean is responsible for espresso coffee … [Read more...]

5 Misconceptions about Turkish coffee

Have you ever been disappointed after finding a recipe for turkish coffee because you can't prepare it, since you need 5 different kitchen tools you simply can't find in USA?! I Googled this topic to see what type of info is out there and I was unpleasantly surprised. I read several articles on this topic, and all of them were full of false information. So, before I tell you how to make a good cup of turkish coffee let me mention some … [Read more...]

Coffee in Arabia – From Seeds to Cups

Besides the fact that coffee came from Ethiopia, Arabians are those with the greatest role in coffee tradition. For this reason, not explaining the history of coffee in  Arabia would be a big mistake. You may grab a cup of fresh coffee and join me in this story... In the 15th century, the coffee seed was brought from Ethiopia to Arabian peninsula. Although they were not familiar with all the advantages of coffee we know today, it seems that … [Read more...]

Where is Coffee Originally From

Do you know where is coffee originally from?! You know, most people would probably give a wrong answer like Brazil, Italy or Turkey. Maybe the right answer will surprise you but the coffee is originally from Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa. Even today we can find a wild bush with green berries there - a plant called coffee. Even though it may sound silly, this precious plant was originally just a simple green … [Read more...]