Seattle’s Best Coffee Review

Have you tasted Seattle’s Best Coffee yet?! Do you know what coffee levels are?! Join me today and learn more about one  interesting franchise called Seattle’s Best Coffee.

It may not be the best coffee in the world, but in the range of regular coffee blends, this coffee is surely worth the attention.

We all know that most important thing in coffee business is high quality of final product. No matter if we are talking about served coffee drink or specific coffee blend we buy for our homes, the only way to give our loyalty is to get quality in return.

But,  is quality our only demand?! Let’s not forget that coffee producers don’t give us quality for free – we pay for it.  It seems that there is a lot more involved. We may call it marketing, customer relationship building, etc… Either way, we usually won’t give our trust if they don’t show that they care for us (customers).

Maybe this is why Seattle’s Best franchise left nice impression on me. Somehow it appears that we are on the same track – making it possible for you to enjoy a good cup of coffee… the easy way.

Seattle’s Best Levels – 5 Stars for Originality

We can’t all be coffee professionals. You need to learn a lot, read a lot, and brew a lot! :) Take it from me, It took me years and years until I have learned what I know about coffee today.

For this reason, Seattle’s Best Coffee gets good grade from me. This franchise stands out with really unique method of ranking coffee by intensity, which made “finding a perfect coffee blend” an easy and enjoyable task to consumers. Instead of giving their coffee blends complicated, pretentious names, each of their coffee blends have number (level) and all you need to do is choose your favorite one.

Each level has different strength, acidic and flavor complexity. Moving from low to high levels, coffee gets stronger, fuller and more complex taste.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …Choose Your Coffee Level

Generally, Seattle’s Best coffee beans and ground coffee will provide both, good taste and nice aroma. There are 5 different ground coffee levels you can choose from:

Level One gives you light, mild, crisp taste. With nice acidity and sweetness, it’s a good choice among breakfast blends.

Level Two is light, lively, easy drinking coffee –  as they would say at Seattle’s Best. Just little stronger than level one, with nice fruity aroma, this coffee really brings joy to our mornings.

Level Three gives  full coffee flavor, with nicely balanced smooth taste. This is one of the favorites among Seattle’s Best customers.

Level Fourhas rich, complex taste. This full blend with chocolatey, nutty aroma brings a little bit of luxury in each cup.

Level Five is their strongest blend. This dark coffee has full, bold taste and intense aroma. If you love really strong, dark roasted coffee, your should pick number 5.

Where to Buy Seattle’s Best Coffee?

Even though it is Called Seattle’s Best, you don’t have to live in Seattle to get this coffee ;). Manufacturer gives its best to bring this coffee to you, no matter where you live.

Just visit your local Subway or Burger King restaurant and try this nice coffee.

If you want to get their coffee blends for your home, check out  Walmart, Target store or buy one online.

Coffee Take Out

Seattle’s Best Coffee surely deserves our business. With satisfying  quality, reasonable price, unique coffee ranking and really amazing website, they truly stand out.  Thanks to them, choosing the right coffee blend for your home will probably be fun  instead of headache.

Well done, Seattle’s Best!

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  1. Danijela says

    I have never been there, but each time my friends travel, they bring me some authentic coffee beans. So, two years ago I got few packs of original Havaiian coffee beans from my best girlfriend and her husband, Kona, Ka’u and Maui beans, as I can remember.There all were exceptional, but Ka’u is my top choice!

  2. says

    I would pick Level 2 myself. The only time I drink coffee is when I visit my girlfriend down south because that is what she loves to drink the most. I have heard coffee tastes really great and it reminds me of Seattle. Starbucks coffee isn’t half bad either. Have you ever tried coffee from Hawaii?

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