Keurig Vue Review : Your Vue Questions Answered!

I’ve been using and recommending Keurig for a long time. That’s because brewing a perfect cup of coffee is always easy with Keurig.

In today’s brand new episode, we’re staying on our theme to talk about the Keurig Vue System.

As far as the operation and simplicity, this system is very similar to K-cup system we all love. However, the main characteristic of Keurig Vue is that it’s completely programmable. It has a touchscreen system which allows you to control the size, strength and the temperature of your drinks.

With so many options to choose from, the Vue is giving you access to making all kinds of drinks: coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Regular or strong coffee. Hot and iced coffees/ teas. Cup sizes from 4 oz to 18 oz! And with its new air-infusion system you can also create frothy, cafe style drinks.

In fact, the Vue system has just been recognized as a as a 2013 gold Edison Award winner in the consumer packaged goods beverage preparation category.



At this moment, there are three different Vue home-use models V700, V600 and their brand new V500.

All Vue brewers use the same technology why you don’t have to worry about the quality of the drinks. There’s just a small difference in size, options and prices.

all models:
- programmable touchscreen
– strength control
– temperature control
– removable water reservoir with flip-top lid
– removable & adjustable drip tray
– energy savings mode (auto on/off)
– makes hot and iced coffee, regular or strong coffee, tea, hot chocolate

Keurig Vue 500:
cup sizes 7: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 oz, water reservoir capacity: 60 oz. , dimensions / weight: 12.5″H x 8.75″W x 9.75″D / 11.64 lbs. , price: $119.99
Keurig Vue 600:
cup sizes 8: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 oz. , water reservoir capacity: 74 oz. , dimensions / weight: 12.52″H x 10.07″W x 11.8″D / 13.1 lbs., price: $139.99
Keurig Vue 700:
cup sizes 8: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 oz., water reservoir capacity: 74 oz., color touchscreen,  dimensions / weight: 12.52″H x 10.07″W x 11.8″D / 13.1 lbs., price: $149.99


Vue vs K-cups, the difference between K-cup and the Vue, etc. ? It’s how they work. After we place a k-cup into the machine, the machine makes small holes on top and bottom of the cup. Hot water is sent through the k-cup and fresh& hot coffee goes directly into the mug. But the Vue is doing something even better. It makes a specific combination of water pressure, timing and airflow, depending on our settings. It will actually customize the brewing process, just to make that perfect cup.

What are the Vue packs? Vue packs are individual portion packs of coffee, tea or hot chocolate used originally for Keurig Vue single cup brewing system. Different from K-cups, vue packs have two layers – plastic cup and filter with coffee. There’s a free space between them and this is exactly where all the magic happens. While the K-cup maker makes holes on top and bottom of a k-cup, Vue makes two holes on the top and uses this empty space to redistribute water pressure and air differently – and, they are recyclable.

Can you use regular k-cups with the Keurig Vue? Unfortunately, vue packs are not compatible with K-cup brewers, and vice versa.The good news is that k-cups and vue packs have almost an identical price. They can’t be found in over 200 varieties like K-cups, but the vue packs offer is very nice too (60 varieties, coffees/teas/ different brands).
However, there’s a small trick that you can use if you have an old travel size vue cup. Save the top layer ( plastic basket), get a k-cup, make a small hole at the bottom of you k-cup and place into the vue basket. Use as vue cup. Please note: It’s always best to use original cups since these things can sometimes damage your machine. But, for most people this is a good option to use a coffee maker with k-cups.

Does Keurig Vue do espresso? No. The Keurig Vue doesn’t make real espresso coffee. However, they have some nice extra bold vue cups you can use to make really strong coffee and use it as a base for your homemade iced and milky drinks. But, again, that’s not real espresso. If you want a machine that makes espresso, you might want to check out these coffee makers.

Do they make reusable vue packs? YES. You can use the V1 gold Solofill reusable vue cup ($18.00) in your Vue. Works with all Vue models: 700, 600 and v500.

Best grind for Keurig Vue? If you’re using a reusable vue cup, I suggest the medium grind level (try to get the texture that feels/ looks like beach sand).

Keurig Vue – discontinued? Officially, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Vue system. But in reality, people are having hard time finding the pods in grocery stores. They do sell pods online and you can use a reusable pod. If that’s fine and you really want that air movement and all the cool features Vue have, then Vue is definitely a machine for you. If you don’t want to take any risks, then you might want to think about a different single serve coffee maker system/ model.

K cup or Vue, which is better?
As far as the machine & drink quality and all the extra features, the Vue is a better machine. However, the pod choices, price and the fact that most grocery stores carry k-cups, but not vue cups, makes k-cup machine let’s say, a practical choice. But, it’s really important to follow your own taste and just get the one you think will work out better for you. But, if you decide to get the k-cup machine, just a quick suggestion. Personally, I love my Elite ($119.00). It has a quiet brew technology, removable 48 oz water reservoir, 3 cup sizes – 6, 8 and 10 oz, auto off. And if you’re looking for the best k-cup model there’s Keurig Platinum ($179.00). This one has a quiet brew technology, removable 72 oz water reservoir, 5 brew sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz, programmable on/off timer, removable drip tray and display. And it’s really popular.



  1. karen says

    The K cups are everywhere but the Vue packs? Not so much. They were supposed to be the next big thing and just haven’t caught on yet. Expensive when you do find them, If I had to do over, I would still stick with the Keurig brand but would probably go with a machine that used K cups instead of the Vue system simply because of the availability of the cups.Strength of cofee is better is also weaker in the Vue cups and not as hot.

    • Gene says

      Karen i don’t think the Vue is going to catch on anytime soon. I bought my Vue machine over a year ago thinking the same thing and noticing the opposite to be true. Bed Bath and Beyond is no longer stocking the coffee as well as Best Buy. There has not been one new coffee brand or flavor added since i purchased mine. I believe the Vue brand will eventually be phased out.

  2. Dale Breedlove says

    HI! We just bought the V700 and I was going to purchase the Solofill V2 reusable filter. But I have read a couple of reviews stating that the reusable filters allow grounds into the machine and damage the Vue systems. I guess it has to do with the pressurized water system of the Vue brewers. Another user below stated that Keurig was supposed to come out with a reusable filter in the fall 2013 but the don't have them on the Keurig site. Has the Solofill issue been resolved? Is there a different reusable filter that works? Thank you!

    • Danijela says

      Hi Dale,
      yes the Solofill V2 is the only available option at this moment. They don’t yet make original Keurig filters and I doubt they will start selling them soon.

      I’ve noticed that people are having problems with new “improved” V2 model too, so I can’t say for sure. As you know, it’s always best to use original cups since everything else can sometimes damage your machine. But, I most Vue owners use and recommend the filter. I can only suggest to use medium to coarse coffee grind in the V2, if you decide to use it. Don’t use fine or extra fine grind for this purpose.

      The new v2 comes with an adapter that allows you to use k-cups. You can also use old travel size vue cup for this purpose. Save the top layer (plastic basket), get a k-cup, make a small hole at the bottom of you k-cup and place into the vue basket. Then use as vue cup. You can see the video here: .

      As I mentioned, it’s always recommended to use original pods. But, these are also options. I hope this helps. Have a very blessed and happy holidays.

  3. Marci says

    I am interested in a Keurig Vue… is the 700 model the newest or is it the 500? What would you recommend? I would like to make iced lattes. To do this do you just buy espresso vue cups? I have never used a Keurig but would like to get one. Just want to make sure I can make the drinks I want and would prefer the newest/best model. Thank you!!!

    • Danijela says

      The vue 700 is their first model, but all models are so similar, I would probably get the 500 (newest & smallest one) because of the price. It’s a great little machine. However, the Vue machines don’t make real espresso. Just regular coffee, teas and hot chocolate.

      But there are some really good single serve machines (the one that use pods) that makes espresso. First, if you want Keurig, there’s Keurig Rivo System . Then there’s a really popular Starbucks Versimo . They both make espresso and are really really popular. But, these are not my first choice since Rivo has just 4 espresso pods in their offer, and Starbucks pods are not very cheap $1.00 per pod (and usually you need two pods to make proper sized drink).

      Personally, I would check out the Nespresso or the CBTL machines.

      The Nespresso machines, use nespresso pods ($0.65) per pod, have huge number of different pods and several different machine models. The Nespresso makes amazing coffee so it’s a great choice as far as the drink quality. Depending on the model, you can get the Nespresso machine for $99.00 (old model), $179.00, $229.00, $249.00. For more info about their offer & machines head here . They are also on sale on Amazon .

      Then there’s the CBTL. They make espresso, regular coffee, flavored coffees, hot chocolate and tea. Uses CBTL capsules (40 varieties, $0.70 per serving). The machines are really good, drinks also, and have huge choice of decaf capsules. They have two models: The CBTL Americano $149.00: 6 cup sizes (short and regular espresso, 8oz, 9oz, 10oz, 12oz), twin pressure (15 bar and 3.5 bar), removable 51 oz water tank, adjustable drip tray, used capsule storage.The CBTL Kaldi $179.99: 3 cup sizes (short and regular espresso, coffee/tea), twin pressure (15 bar and 3.5 bar), removable 40.6 oz water tank, removable drip tray, 10 used capsule storage. Also on sale on Amazon. (few models)

      NOW I know this is probably too much information, but I want to help as much as I can. Personally, I think that the CBTL or the Nespresso machine are a good choice, but you can also check out the Rivo and Verismo. As far as the capsule machines, that make espresso, that’s about it. Or if you just want to make espresso, you can get some nice & affordable starter espresso machines . They are not as convenient as pod machines, but usually they are a lot cheaper ( to buy and to make coffee).

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else and good luck!

      • Marci says

        Thank you so much for all the information!! I am interested in the Keurig because I actually have a list of drinks I want to make (chai tea lattes, regular coffee, hot cocoa, iced lattes and teas, and sleepy time teas). I had researched the Nespresso machines and wasn’t sure if I would have that variety of drinks with that machine. I would like a machine that I can easily find the pods for and can even substitute our own coffee with in the reusable cups. I will also be honest. .. This is my Christmas present so I want the newest, coolest one out there lol. I like the Keurig Vue because of the new way the cup/pod works with the filter inside etc. But I don’t want to get one if it’s possible they will discontinue those types of machines. I’m kind of at a loss.

        • Danijela says

          Honestly I’m not sure about the Vue neither. I love the machine since it makes great coffee, but people are having hard time finding the pods lately.

          If you want more coffee options, then the K-cup machine is probably a better choice. Celestal makes all these teas in the k-cup form, the machine make regular coffee and the k-cups are available online and at grocery stores and they have huge choice of brands and blends. Now, even though you can’t make real espresso with these, they do make some really strong extra bold k-cups, which taste great and you can use them when making iced or milky drinks. Plus, you can use your own coffee, which is great.

          I have a Keurig Elite (k-cup model) for 4 years now, and I really love the machine. It does seem that Keurig machines are not as durable as the old ones, so that’s why I wanted to recommend something else. But there’s always customer service… But, for all the features and drinks you want to make, I guess that k-cup machine would be ideal. Keurig Platinum ($179.99) is their best K-cup model. It has a quiet brew technology, removable 72 oz water reservoir, 5 brew sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz, on/off timer, removable drip tray, display.

          And, about the Vue: they do sell pods online and you can use a reusable pod. If that’s fine and you really want that air movement feature, then Vue is definitely a better machine. V600 and v700 have larger reservoir and 8 cup sizes. The only difference is that v700 has a color touchscreen.

          Just choose the one you think it’s better or you like more. I’m sure you’ll make a good decision. :)

          • SG says

            I have a Vue 600 and I love it. Go to the Keurig website and there is a lot of Vue pods and a lot of variety. Also if you become a member you will get a discount. You can also go to Bed Ath and Beyond and they also have a large variety of Vue pods.


  4. Nick says

    Just purchased a V500. Not sure if this deal is still going on, but over the past weekend Bed Bath & Beyond had them on sale for $120 plus you can use 20% coupon plus they had $20 rebate AND a free Vue pack tree! :)

    Anyway… pretty cool machine. My only disappointment so far is that the machine defaults to 8oz size and regular (vs strong) setting. This is after *every* cup – even if the machine was never turned off. Kinda silly to me. They let you customize brew temp, on/off time, etc. So why not let me customize the default size and strength, or at least remember the last used. This means if I go to make a 2nd cup immediately after the first one, I have to remember to change size & strength else I get a bad 2nd cup.

    Also interesting is that you need a minimum amount of water in the tank to even start the process. So even if you want to make 1 cup, you have to fill the tank like over half full. What am I supposed to do with the extra water? Have it sit there until the next cup? Dump it out? Fortunately it doesn’t heat the entire reservior so maybe it’s okay to leave it there, but standing water is not good cause stuff can start breeding in there :( Don’t know why they did this. Maybe as an overkill to make sure it doesn’t boil dry?

    • Danijela says

      Hi, Nick. The water reservoir issue is probably just a safety thing. Some people don’t pay attention to these details and if the machine runs out of water too often, while brewing, this can damage a machine after some time. So, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, even though it seems annoying. As far as the cup size, well, the 8 oz cup is some standard, so I guess they had to start somewhere. But, you have some really good ideas here. :) Thanks a lot for the feedback, I appreciate it. And, happy Thanksgiving!

      • Nick says

        Makes sense requiring a minimum water amount for safety. Just can’t figure out why it needs so much. Minimum is like more than 24oz even for an 8oz cup. It’s smart enough to detect cup size. So if there is enough water to make an 8oz cup, and I increase size to 12oz, it will start flashing that I need to add water. So if it’s smart enough for that, why doesn’t it require just a bit more than whatever cup size you pick? Oh well.

        I did call them about the default 8 oz size. They seem like a really good company – they listened and agreed that it would make sense to let the user select the default size but that this is not how it is designed. They also offered me a free box of Vue pods for the trouble :) They said the platinum plus or something like that model had selectable default size but don’t think I need that much of a machine!

  5. teresa burgess says

    What is the best grind of coffee for the Vue. We are using grind 8 and it comes out thru the filter to make sludge on bottom of coffee cup.

    • Danijela says

      Hi Teresa, I would try the medium grind (it should look/ feel like a beach sand). Please let me know what you think and how it works for you. Thanks for stopping by and happy Thanksgiving!

  6. says

    Can you pleas tell me how many ounces the Mr. Coffee large and small cup brews and all so the Elite?I really like the large cup size of the Mr. Coffee maker so what is the difference?Thank you for you're time.

    • Danijela says

      You’re welcome Jan.
      If you have a two cup size Mr.Coffee model (KG5), small cup brews 6 oz and large one 10 oz. Keurig Elite45 has 3 cup sizes: small makes 6 oz , medium 8 oz and large makes 10 oz coffee.

  7. Julie says

    Purchased the Keurig V500 and am really disappointed in the temperature of the coffee coming out. I did a comparison with my k-cup mini and was dramatically different. Thinking of returning it unless any has any suggestions

    • Danijela says

      Hey Julie, I’m sorry to hear that. You might want to check out the brew temperature setting on your machine. I think that Vue works at 192F, and you can use the setting to change like -5 +5 F. Maybe it’s not set properly. Go to “brew temperature mode” and use + and – buttons to set the temperature. Then press “menu” to save the settings.

      I hope this helps. If not, then you might want to call their customer service. Let me know how it went or if you need anything else. Good luck!

  8. Ami says

    I bought the Vue February 11th, it makes really good coffee nice and hot and strong as you can select the temperature you desire. It is nice that you can do travel mugs and select different sizes, also cool you can do iced coffee, tea.. Also the hot apple cider, hot tea, hot cocoa. The froth is a two step process and really not that great more like a dry powder milk/ cream. That was a lil disappointing but for the travel size I use and the different options are cool enough for me to keep it. I did call and ask when they will be coming out with a reusable filter for this VUE they had hoped it would be out by spring but said they had to move the date for more like fall 2013.. Kinda disappointing but as long as they do and are working on that is great, as I love the fact that VUE cups are recyclable!!
    I had some k cups left over, really wanted to use them as they did not fit in this machine way too small,so I did try to experiment using the travel Vue cup adding a k cup and adding an extra whole to the k cup on the side, it actually worked out well. But yesterday the February 28 my brewer stopped working, since I hadn’t had my Vue for 30 days I was able to return and get a new one, I don’t know if it was because I had experiment or just the machine but I will try this again and not experiment and just wait if I have any problems like this again then I will return and purchase something different..

    I will keep you updated!!

    • Danijela says

      Hi Ami,
      yes these experiments can sometimes cause damage to our coffee makers and that’s why it’s always best to use original coffee packs. Still, since Vue is a complex coffee machine, this doesn’t have to be the main reason. But, I am really glad you got a new machine :) Thank you so much for your feedback. I am sure it will be useful to my readers. Have a great weekend!

  9. Jackie says

    I bought the Vue a few days ago. Six weeks ago, I purchased the Nescafe Dulce Gusto Piccolo for super cheap at my local grocery store, and fell in love with its ability to make really good frothy lattes at home, but I had to measure out the water precisely for each of the two steps in the brewing process. This got annoying after a while so I was on the hunt for a new, automated system and of course Kuerig was the first one that popped into my head. I was dismayed to learn that the Kureig Platinum didn’t do “frothy” so looked at the Vue and purchased it, despite the price point. I am SORELY disappointed. Well, not with the machine in general. I love the design, the recyclable cups, and the coffee/teas it makes, but the primary reason I bought it was for the “cafe style” drinks, and it disappoints sorely compared to the Dulce Gusto. There really is no froth. At all. It seems to simply add the white powered milk to the cup, and the flavor just isn’t anywhere close to being on par with the Dulche Gusto, even the bottom of the line Piccolo that I own.

    I will be returning the Vue, post haste. I haven’t decided if I will buy the Kureig Platinum and keep the Piccolo for those “frothy drink moments”, or if I will buy the Dulce Gusto Creativa, which is the newest, most automated version available. The only thing holding me back is that there are only approx. 16 flavor options for the DG, vs hundreds for the Kuerig. I would consider the Vue again in the future if they make changes to the “frothing” capability, but for now, I am headed to return my Vue, and I have a decision to make on what I’m going to buy in its place.

    • Danijela says

      Hi, Jackie. I had a chance to try Vue and I was really satisfied with the result I got – but in comparison with regular Keurig coffee makers. At the other hand, when it comes to frothy drinks, Dolce Gusto and CBTL coffee machines are the best, so I am not surprised that you are not satisfied with the result. Especially because you usually make coffee with Dolce Gusto. I am sorry though.
      The fact is that this coffee maker is a Keurig version of CBTL/Dolce Guesto and it’s a good choice for all those who want to stay loyal to Keurig.
      Now, if I understand, you would like to make frothy espresso-like drinks at home. I don’t know if you can replace Vue with some nice espresso machine instead with Keurig Platinum. If you want to make cappuccinos and lattes for example, I doubt that Platinum will fulfill your expectations. With real espresso machine, you will be able to make real espresso based drinks. Now, you might not have that comfort like the one you have with single serve coffee makers – you will have to use ground coffee, but at least you’ll be able to drink real espresso coffees at home. Of course, you don’t need some large, professional $1000 espresso maker. You can get some small one but the one that have milk frother/steamer. You can get them for about $150.00 which is less than the price you payed for Vue. It’s just a friendly suggestion. Thanks for stopping by and for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

  10. Faith Gaubault says

    I am trying to decide between a Vue and the original k-cup brewer. :( The My k-cup isn’t a deal breaker for me at all. The frothy drinks would be kinda cool as I’m more of a prissy coffee drink drink anyway. LOL But if that is the only difference between the 2 and the price of the k-cups may come down, then I may be swayed with the K-cup model. Still not sure though. ((Sigh)) Any help here?? This would be my first BIG coffee maker splurge so I’m a bit nervous too.

    • Danijela says

      Hello Faith,
      I had the chance to test Vue recently, and I actually enjoyed using it. The truth is that Vue system is a lot more powerful and it does offer some really cool options. If you want an outstanding cup of coffee, this coffee maker is a great choice. However, if you want more affordable version, at this moment I would recommend buying a regular K cup coffee maker. The k cups price should drop down pretty soon and you can choose from larger number of varieties. At the bottom line, the coffee maker is a lot cheaper. Right now you can get regular Keurig Mini for about $90.00 or Mr. Coffee K cup coffee maker for only $55.00. Let me know if you have any additional questions. All the best!

  11. Steve says

    The REAL reason for the Vue? The patent ran out on K-cups. Keurig can no long charge coffee companies a licensing fee to make K-cups. Soon, the cost of the cups will start coming down dramatically. The Vue cups will remain pricey.

    I already HAVE a Keurig that has adjustable temperature, size and strength. Don’t believe the hype. Froth shouldn’t cost that much!

    • Danijela says

      Hi, Steve, this might be the reason. Although, they have been selling Keurig vue for more than 6 months now and as far as i know, patent expired last month. The coffee maker is great, but of course, there is no need spending $200 if your coffee maker works fine. I use old Keurig and K cups too. I do hope that K cups will get a lot cheaper at the end of the year. Thanks for this comment. Cheers! :)

  12. says

    so disappointed they don't have a "My K-cup" style accessory for the Vue. You certainly do NOT have "full control" when you can't buy and grind your own coffee. I always buy organic fair trade coffee of my choosing and so this will keep me from purchasing this otherwise wonderful looking coffee maker.

    • Danijela says

      Hello Doug. You’re absolutely right! I decided to stick to my old Keurig for this same reason. I surely hope that they will make reusable vue packs as soon as possible. Will let you know! ;) Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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