Keurig Rivo : Your Rivo Questions Answered!

The Rivo system is a single serve espresso machine from Keurig that uses specially designed Lavazza espresso pods, and allows you to make espresso and espresso based drinks in your own kitchen – at a touch of a button.

keurig rivo review

Keurig Rivo is a complete espresso brewing solution for home use. You can make an espresso, latte, cappuccino, an iced latte…anything. The brewer is a bit bulky, but works great.

On top, there’s a handle and that’s where we insert the rivo espresso pods. Next to it, an easy to operate control panel for brewing your espresso beverages (check the ease of use section for details). The machine works at 15-bar pump pressure, which is ideal for pulling out good espresso shots. Brewing temperature 167 -176 °F is slightly lower than optimal though.

On the left, there’s a 60 ounce removable water reservoir. Rivo water reservoir doesn’t have a water filter why Keurig recommends using bottled water.

What I love about this machine is its built-in milk frother! With this brewer, you don’t have to buy a separate milk frothing unit nor you have to buy milk pods. Keurig Rivo has its own frother and uses fresh milk! Just use the milk option that you normally use: whole, skim, rice, almond…For great results, the frother offers three different frothing modes: cappuccino froth, latte froth and cold froth. The  max fill line for the pitcher is 6 ounces.

And, few more details: a small platform that you can open and use to bring up small cups. Auto on/off feature to help you save energy and a pod bin, which can hold up to 10 used rivo pods.

Ease of use
If you want a “simple to use & no messy kitchen” machine that makes great espresso, cappuccino or a latte, you will absolutely love this machine.

With Rivo there’s no grinding, measuring, tamping. You have to know absolutely nothing about pulling out espresso shots or milk frothing. Just take the Rivo pod, insert the pod into the machine, pour some milk in the milk frother unit, press a button or two and in few minutes, your espresso is ready.

Rivo offers two different espresso sizes: 1.4 oz and 2.8 oz. That’s like a single or a double espresso shot on classic espresso machines. Of course, this is not a final size of your latte or cappuccino. Combined with milk, you get normally about 6 – 8 oz beverage. For frother, Rivo has three different frothing modes: cappuccino, latte and cold froth.


No matter what your skill level or experience is, you will be able to make a great cup of espresso with this machine.

To make a cappuccino, take 1 rivo pod and brew espresso at short espresso setting. Take a milk frother and fill it with milk to MIN fill, close, return to the unit and press the cappuccino froth button. When done, just pour the milk over the espresso.

To make a latte, brew 1 espresso pod at short espresso setting. Fill the pitcher with cold milk to MAX fill and press the Latte froth button. Again pour the milk over the espresso and you’re ready to go.

And it’s easy to make iced drinks with cold froth option. (ps. Rivo comes with a quick guide/recipe book with 10 recipes to help you make your first beverages)

The Rivo Cappuccino & Latte System retails for $199.99.

Keurig Rivo Lavazza Pods

It’s no secret that I love Lavazza, so I’m really happy to see that Lavazza makes the Rivo pods. According to Keurig, they will try to keep the Rivo system as exclusive as possible, so I don’t expect to see new pods in the near future.  Right now, there are 4 different Lavazza Rivo pods to choose from:

Classico – medium roast, sweet floral and fruity notes.
Delicato – medium roast, Rainforest Alliance Certified with chocolate and citrus notes.
Intenso – dark roast, full body, butter and caramel notes.
Decaf – decaf option, medium roast, smooth, citrus and dried fruit notes.

Normally, one 18 count box of Rivo pods retail for $14.99, or $0.83 per drink. On Amazo, 72 count pack retails for $49.00, or $0.68 per drink. Free shipping included. At Keurig .com , Memeber Price will save you $1.50 for every 18ct box, which makes them $0.74 per drink. Free shipping on orders $45 and more.

Keurig Rivo is not compatible with regular k-cups, Verismo or Nespresso pods. It works only with Lavazza Rivo espresso pods. Also, the machine makes only espresso and espresso based beverages so you can’t do regular coffee or teas with this machine. You can however, craft an Americano, which is a great espresso replacement for regular coffee.

Rivo pods contain about 75 mg of caffeine per serving. For low caffeine option, choose their Decaf Rivo pods.

Can you use regular K-cups in Rivo? No, this machine is only compatible with the Rivo-Lavazza coffee pods.

Can the Keurig Rivo brew tea? No. You can use it to get hot water, but it’s not the same as using keurig tea k-cups. If you want a machine that uses single cup tea packs, this is not the right machine.

Keurig Rivo reusable cup?! Unfortunately, they don’t have a refillable rivo cup in the offer, so you won’t be able to use your own coffee (not yet, at least).

Keurig Rivo brew sizes?! The Rivo offers two brew sizes 1.4 and 2.8 oz. That’s like single and double espresso shot. Of course, this is not a final size of your latte or cappuccino. Combined with milk, you get normally about 6 – 8 oz latte/cappuccino.

How do you remove used coffee pods from Rivo cappucino & latte system? The machine will automatically push down an empty pod into the pod bin, once you open the handle.

Rivo frother overflow? Normally, that happens if the milk was below the MIN line. When using your Rivo forther, it’s really important to not go below the MIN line and not above the MAX line.

Can you use soy or almond milk in the Keurig Rivo? Yes, you can use any type of milk you like in the frother. You can use regular or dairy free milk. However, you will almost never achieve the same level of froth with almond or soy milk in comparison with whole/skim milk. For better result, Keurig recommend to always use cold milk in the frother, and not to use milk below min and above max values.

Keurig Rivo best milk to use for froth? Regular 2% milk will give the best froth. But, if you have any allergies, it’s best to use the milk option that you normally use. Your health is much more important than froth volume.

Can you use flavored creamers or syrups in the Rivo frother? According to Keurig, adding any other ingredient besides milk – in the frothing pitcher, like syrup, creamer or ice cubes can sometimes damage the machine and it’s not recommended. However, most people use a combination of flavored creamer and milk in the Rivo frother. Personally, I don’t think that creamer can cause a damage to the frother since it has the same texture like milk. I definitely wouldn’t use sugary syrups or ice cubes in the frother though. Also make sure to clean the frother thoroughly after each use. As I mentioned, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend this so it’s a matter of personal choice and no one can guarantee that this won’t cause a damage to the system.

Rivo won’t froth?! For some reason, Rivo machines can sometimes have problems with the milk fother. One of the readers Dave has a smart solution (thanks for sharing Dave): “For anyone having issues with the frother Karen pointed out what may be causing your issues. The second or third time that I used it I figured that it would be better to push the rubber stopper all the way up so it was in contact with the lid. If you do that it actually prevents the wisk from spinning at all. You’ll get warm milk, but that’s it….and it may make a funny grinding sound. Slide the rubber stopper back down the shaft that the wisk is on, then slowly slide it up….there is actually a little indent that it is supposed to sit it. And there should be a gap up about a quarter of an inch or so between the stopper and the underside of the lid. Since figuring this out we haven’t had a single issue with our Rivo, and we use it a lot.”. I hope this helps. If not, then make sure to contact their customer service – you can find the contact info here.

Keurig Rivo vs Verismo?! Personally, I love the fact that Rivo uses Lavazza coffee and fresh milk! The Verismo uses milk pods (which I don’t like), but you can skip this by heating up fresh milk in your microwave or frothing it up with those small, handy milk frothers. There’s a small difference in the pod price: rivo $0.83 per pod, Verismo $1.00 per pod. But, the Verismo does offer several extra options. You can make espresso, but also regular coffee & teas. They have a total of 15 different pods in their offer, and the machine retails for $119.00!

Keurig Rivo vs Nespresso?! Both machines are very convenient and simple to use. The main difference is the pod choice. Even though you can make all kinds of espresso based drinks using 4 available rivo pods (it’s not that you can make only 4 drink types), the Nespresso has 21 different pod in their offer! That’s just better. And, I like that Rivo has a bult-in frother. With Nespresso you can, either get the machine + milk frother, or you can get one of the combo models: Umilk $229.00 or Citiz+Milk $299.00. There’s also a  difference in the price of the pods : rivo $0.83, nespresso $0.65 per pod.

Where to buy Keurig Rivo in Canada? Keurig Rivo is available for purchase in Canada. The prices are the same as the prices here. For more info visit

Water filter for Keurig Rivo? They don’t make water filter for the Rivo machine. Also, the available Keurig water filter (the one for k-cup machines) won’t fit. Keurig just recommends using bottled water in your Rivo.

Keurig Rivo TV offer: I’m not 100% sure but I think that there were 3 different Rivo offers last year. It was something like 30 day risk free Rivo trial, including Rivo packs and what not. Here are the offers that have aready expired: 22.rivoTV .com ; rivotvoffer .com ; 83.trykeurigRIVO .com (to see if the offer has expired, you need to type the url address directly in your browser (Google usually won’t show it in the search results).



  1. EKS says

    If I had known that I was forced to use their Lavazza cups I never would have bought this machine. I may put it out on ebay for sale. I only use organic and I prefer my own coffee and you are stuff using their proprietary coffee. $200 down the tubes!!!

  2. April says

    I bought the Keurig Rivo machine in Dec.of 2014 & I love it! I like the milk frother too. Although I would like to see them sell the refillable cups. Hopefully they’ll come out with that soon. I had an issue once with my machine & called Keurig about the issue. They gave me a replacement one since it was still under warranty :-)

  3. CeeMac says

    I love my Rivo, so much faster, less mess and a consistent taste. Here is my question, since I got my Rivo, I have faithfully emptied the used pods putting the grinds in my garden. Then I remove all the foil, wash both the foil and plastic pod. I was hoping to recycle and then was told “no”. Surely there is a way to recycle when the pods are emptied?????

    And these hot summer days, try an iced espresso or latte with Sambucca. I normally do not drink but this is good! When I make the latte I place it in a glass and I can get the three layers, coffee, milk and foam, the layers are attractive and a slow undulating goes on as the layers mix. So attractive and tasty.

  4. nicholas fackovec says

    My keurig is making a banging noise when i froth and steam the milk how do i fix the noise?

    • Gretchin says

      I am also having this same issue. I just received the Keurig Rivo in the mail today. I ran all the cleaning procedures during set up. Afterwards I had this banging noise coming from the back of the machine (by the frother) while making my beverages. I have never owned a Keurig but from the tutorial videos I have seen this did not happen during it. It did say in the set up instructions that during the cleaning cycle the machine would be louder but this noise happened afterwards so that is why I am concerned. I am hoping I did not get a defective machine. Please let me know if you have any ideas of what this could be. Thank you!

      • Danijela says

        Hi Gretchin, if the lid is in place and the frothing unit is placed properly then there shouldn’t be any sounds. In my opinion, any banging noise coming from the unit is not ok. I would call customer service just in case. Keurig Customer service help is available 7 days a week at 866-901-BREW (866-901-2739). Please let us know how it went. Thank you. All the best and have a great weekend!

        • Rajesh Garg says

          For my Keurig RIVO I am also hearing banging noise when I froth milk. I called Keurig customer service and I was told that it is NORMAL to hear this banging noise. I am wondering if others also got the same feedback/reply from customer service folks. Any help will be appreciated.

  5. Sean says

    I love my RIVO. I have one observation. The first brew is not as hot as subsequent brews. I imagine it has to do with the time it takes to heat the water. BUT, it only stays on for two minutes if there is no activity. How can the unit stay on longer?? Or can anyone address this issue? Thank you!

    • Danijela says

      Hi Sean, as you’ve said, the brewer shuts off automatically after 2 minutes and unfortunately, the auto off feature can’t be disabled. Now, normal brewing temperature for the Rivo is 167 -176 °F, which is slightly lower than optimal temperature for espresso.
      What you can do maybe is to run one lungo button without inserting the pod (when you turn on the unit), discard this water from the mug, and then make espresso using Rivo pod like you normally would. This will give you some time to heat up the water to desired temperature and your first shot won’t taste cold. That’s the only thing I can think of right now. I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by and sorry for waiting so long. All the best!

  6. Michael Hubych says

    The Rivo Cappuccino & Latte System. I need the operating instructions for this machine. I can email me a pdf it link at

  7. Tiffany says

    I’m trying to find how milligrams of caffeine are in each of the 3 types of Rivo pods (Classico, Intenso, and Delicato) but having no luck. Anyone know where to find this information? My husband gets migraines with too much caffeine so it’s important for us to know this. :)

        • Danijela says

          Hi Jess, Lavazza Rivo pods contain about 75 mg of caffeine per serving. There’s also a Decaf Rivo pod option, with lower caffeine levels. I hope this helps.

    • Danijela says

      Hi Tiffany, I got a response from Keurig: Rivo pods contain about 75 mg of caffeine per serving.
      So, that’s that average amount of caffeine for espresso (50-75mg). I hope this helps and sorry for waiting.Have you tried the Decaf Rivo pods? Any better? All the best!

  8. shannon matson says

    I bought my son a Christmas gift. The Rivo, and everything seems to work fine except it does not pump the water out. The frother works. It indicates that the reservoir is empty. We’ve tried everything to fill it completely and fill it half way. rinsed it out over and over again. We were all excited to try it out and still are unable to get it to work.

    • Danijela says

      Sorry to keep you waiting Shannon. That’s a lovely gift and I’m sorry that you’re having issues with your machine. Since you’ve done everything correctly, then there’s something wrong with the machine. I would contact Keurig customer service (1.866.901.2739.). All the best and Happy New Year!

    • Danijela says

      Hi Sarah, I’m sorry to hear that. If the water reservoir is full, everything is in place and the machine is turned on, but still not working, you can try and unplug the power cord. Then, plug the power cord back again. Press the Power Button on the right side of the brewer and wait for about a minute. After that the control panel should flash and you should hear a beep. If everything seems fine, you can run the cleansing brew first (press lungo button without inserting the pod), and make your beverages after that. I hope this works. If not, then it’s best to call Keurig customer service to help you with troubleshooting. I hope this helps and let me know if you need anything else.

  9. Adam says

    Do you know if I have to brew 4 single shots of espresso in the Rivo to equal the 4 espresso shots I get in a coffee shop drink or can I just use 2 double shots from the Rivo? I don’t know if running 2.4 oz of water through the 7.5 grams of grounds in one cup is just watering down a single shot or if this is how double shots are made at a coffee shop.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Danijela says

      Hi Adam, normally, double shots are made from 14-18 grams of coffee, and singles from 7-9 grams. With that in mind, if you want an ideal result you will need 2 pods at single shot setting to get a double shot (4 pods for 4 single shots in this case). But, honestly, I think that 2 pods at lungo setting will give a nice result too. It really depends on what drink you want to do and how strong you want your espresso to be. Just play with both options and choose the one you like more. I hope this helps and sorry for the late response.

  10. Suann Cannon says

    I’ve had my Rivo for just over a year and have loved it. But suddenly the power isn’t working. The lights still come on, but then they go out, so it is a strange issue. Has anyone else had something like this happen? I’ve just passed my warranty expiration, so I don’t know what to do since I can’t use it.

  11. tim says

    OK this might sound dumb. But I have the rivo r500 and I can’t figure out where to get pods. Please help. I see k cups everywhere, I assume they don’t work

    • Danijela says

      Hi Tim, yes, you can do vanilla cappuccino with Rivo and it’s really simple. You will need 1 rivo pod, milk and vanilla syrup or vanilla french creamer.
      1. pour cold milk to MIN fill, place the pitcher and press the cappuccino froth button.
      2. when done, put 1 tbsp vanilla syrup/creamer into the cup, place it on a drip tray and brew 1 rivo pod at short espresso 1.4oz setting.
      3. when done, just pour the milk over the espresso.
      If it’s easier you can use separate cups, just put the ingredients together in this order: syrup/creamer on the bottom, then espresso, then milk froth. Enjoy!

    • Danijela says

      Hi Marsha, can you get out the pod bin? Is it empty?
      First, I would try removing the pod bin/ drip tray from the rivo. Then, if the pod is stuck in the brew head you can carefully try moving the pack with your fingers to release it.
      Or you can try reaching the pods from the bottom once the bin/drip tray is removed. You can also use some not-so-sharp knife or a similar tool. Something to reach and jiggle the pods, but not damage the machine at the same time. I’m sure you can get them out, just be careful, especially if using your fingers and don’t forget to unplug the machine first.
      ps. If this doesn’t work, you can try and contact keurig customer service for instructions. 1.866.901.2739. Let me know how if everything went well. Good luck!

      • Marsha Peterson says

        Thank you for the suggestion. I used a long handled hook for clearing jams in my embroidery machine. With that I could hook the pods and pull them out. Couldn’t get enough grip with my fingers as they were too far in. Thanks for the help.

    • Kristin says

      I am having this very problem right now. Now I can’t even see the disappeared pod, so I’m not sure where to poke at it to prod it out.

  12. Tammymilwee says

    I have recently started noticing grinds in my coffee. How can I fix this? It is not a small amount, and it ruins my coffee. Is there some way to clean it?

    • Danijela says

      It wouldn’t be a bad idea to try descaling your Rivo. The process is very simple and it helps to remove build ups and grounds from brewer components. It’s recommended to repeat this process every three to six months to keep machine in a good condition. For descaling you will need a special Keurig descaling solution ($12.99 recommended product to use by Keurig), but really, you can use a simple white vinegar. And here’s a video with descaling instructions: . I’m sure it will help with this problem. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else.

  13. Casey says

    I really wanted to buy this product but am not since there are no Keurig Rivo reusable cups. Are there palns to make reusable cups in the future?

    • Danijela says

      Honestly, I don’t think they will offer reusable pods soon. If you want to use your own coffee, semi automatic machines are ideal. They are not as convenient as capsule machines but you’ll have all the freedom and great cup of espresso. You can get some nice models for $200 or less

  14. Alicia says

    I recently received the Keurig Riva as a wedding gift. I have been enjoying it very much and using it about every other day. For the first time today I had to dump the bin with the used pods. I cleaned the bin and replaced it in the machine. After doing this the lever on the top of the machine no longer goes down all the way. I tried putting a new espresso pod in and testing it out. The lever would not stay down thus all the espresso went into the spill catcher. Please help

    • Danijela says

      You can try removing and placing the rivo pack bin & drip tray again. Just in case, to see if it’s placed properly.
      Sometimes, the handle won’t close if the rivo pack didn’t fit well, so you need to lift the handle, adjust it and close it again. If everything seems fine, the bin, drip tray and the pod looks fine and are in the right place, but it still won’t close like it used to, then it’s best to call keurig customer service and ask for instructions. 1.866.901.BREW (2739). Good luck! Let me know if you need anything else.

      • Alicia moody says

        Hey David
        I did get the issue resolved! I called the Keurig company and they were so helpful. I explained the issue and they sent a brand new machine within the week. I put the broken one in the box and shipped it back. They said this issue has been happening with not only me so they wanted to inspect the faulty machine. Good luck with yours!!

  15. Amanda says

    Not sure how long this will be in QVC, but they have the RIVO for $199 + your sales tax and about $14 shipping. The deal is, this package includes 36 pods (instead of usual 12) and a pod carousel (usually $20-30 more).

    I got the rivo yesterday and love it. My only small issue is it does not brew piping hot. I like very hot so I have to sip first, then drink. You can drink right away. I did preheat my milk which helped some.

    Has anyone used the same pod to brew a second shot immediately? Was it strong enough?

    • Danijela says

      Hi Amanda and thanks for the feedback, I’m so glad you like the machine. I haven’t tried it myself, but you can give it a try. However, I think it’s much better to get out the pod first and then add more water (lift the handle and close it without inserting new rivo pod, and then use single or double espresso shot once again).

      It really depends on what type of beverages you like. For latte and cappuccino, 1.4 oz and 2.8 oz are pretty good sizes to start from. If you like espresso taste but you like big cups, Americano is perfect. In a mug, brew espresso using lungo button 2.8 oz, and just fill the rest of the mug with hot water. It’s super simple. I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your homemade espresso.

  16. Dawn Johnson says

    My husband gave me this machine for Christmas, before that I used a regular espresso machine. So far I am LOVING it, especially when we have people over and I need to make several drinks. Before, it would take me at least half an hour to make four drinks. I love not having such a big mess every morning on the counter. I used to love Starbucks coffee, and at first I wasn’t sure about the Lavazza capsules but after trying all of them, I love the delicato variety the most. It brews a perfect shot of espresso topped with lots of crema. It reminds me of the wonderful lattes I get in France, a little smaller than I was used to making but a good reason to have two. One of my favorite features now is the cold froth, I usually like to make an iced latte in the afternoon and the cold frothed milk adds such a wonderful decadent creamy texture to it. I am addicted and I find that I miss my machine whenever I travel. I recently stopped at a Starbucks to get an iced latte and I could not hardly drink it. The only downside so far is that I am drinking way more coffee.

  17. Belen says

    I just received my Keurig Rivo today and already tried all the recipes in the recipe guide that came included with the machine. Where can I find more recipes?

  18. Dacia says

    I just bought the Rivo machine and I can not wait to receive it. I already own a keurig k cup machine. Will the new rivo cups store in my current k cup storage units? I have 2 stand up holders and a drawer for my k cups.

    • Danijela says

      Wow, I’m so excited for you Dacia, Rivo is a great machine.
      As far as pod holders, the rivo pack are much smaller than k-cups, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they don’t fit. But, I think you will be able to use at least one of the models – probably the drawer, if not all three. I can’t say for sure since there are so many different holder/drawer models out there. Keurig have a special designed Rivo carousel ($29.99 ) but I would wait until I see how they fit those you already have.
      ps. I don’t know if you have some old glass jar or bowl, they also look good with the pods inside.

      Let me know if you need anything else. Enjoy your homemade espresso, and have a very blessed and happy holidays.

  19. Tammie says


    PS – Danjela – I also had the frothing issue (little to no crema – mostly milk). Thanks for passing on the tip about the rubber plunger on the whisk.

    I’m back in business!

    (PS – sorry to be such a wind bag, but had my dbl espresso this morning…)

    • Danijela says

      Awww Tammie, you are amazing…thank you so much for your feedback and all the info. I’m so glad you’re satisfied with the Rivo and that I was able to help. Thank you!

      Enjoy your espresso drinks and have a very blessed and happy holidays.

  20. Tammie says

    (Contd) 2/3
    I also the fact that the machine works fast and seamlessly. Touch the on button, wait a couPle seconds for it ti warm up, pop a pod, hit a button and the delicious aroma of freshly brewed espresso begins to waft through the air – go to my fridge, pour a little milk in the fritter cup, insert, hit a button, couple seconds later I am pouring a rich cream and frothy milk into my espresso. So in under 2 minutes, I am in latte heaven.

    I also love the versatility – you can vary the flavors, strength (1, 2, 3 shots of the same pod), and the type of drink (cap, latte, iced, hot, even Americano coffee).
    the options are limitless, bc RIVO has done an excellent job prodding the basics that are easily mixed and matched.

    The espresso itself is outstanding. It’s smith and rich. Its not bitter. Abd I don’t get that ‘coffee buzz’ like w some coffees that can cause a spike in energy and make you irritable.

    I also love the money savings – if you buy the 18 ct box at BBB w/$5 off coupon, cost is $10. That’s roughly 50 cent a cup for a latte VERSUS $3, $4, or $5, depending on where you buy your brew. With this savings, I figure the RIVO machine will pay for itself in a short time. Instead of feeling that ache of my pocketbook being drained each time I get a latte, now I feel Iike I am saving money each time I sit down and enjoy a delicious latte – in my pajamas!

    I recently read some articles about a ‘throw down’ between *bucks, McD’s, and Dunkin Fonuts on pumpkin spice lattes this fall.

    IMHO, I believe the more people find out about the RIVO, the more people will quit the ‘big 3′ latte sellers.

    Thanks RIVO❤❤❤❤!!!!

  21. Tammie says

    Love your blog – thanks!
    I just bought the Rivo espresso machine last week bc I got tired of running out to get a latte every morning in the cold.(I work at home).

    OMG!! Was this ever a GREAT investment.

    I bought the Rivo at Bed, Bath, Beyond w/a 20% coupon, bringing cost to about $185, 190-199 w/tax (sorry, don’t remember to the penny).

    The thing I love the best is the CONVENIENCE and EASE of having a latte, right when I wake up, in my own home, in my pajamas. (CONTD)

  22. Cinthya says

    Hi Danijela, I love Starbucks & Nestle Nescafe which is the company that sells the Nespresso. I am looking to purchase my first brewer/espresso machine for myself this xmas. My only doubt which keeps me from making up my mind is that I NEED/WANT the Milk frother no matter what machine I get but I’m worried about all of them made of plastic and none but the Verismo 600 show mention that at least the water tank is BPA-free. Do you know of if the Keurig or the Nespresso have a BPA-free option? Thanks in advance for your time =).

    • Danijela says

      All these machines works good, so you will have a great cup of coffee no mater which one you choose.
      According to Keurig, both Keurig Rivo pods and the machine ARE bpa free and do not contain any phthalates (pods faq and here for the machine, which is great.
      As you already told, the Verismo machines are bpa free (both 580 and 600 model). Now the Verismo uses special milk pods, which no one ever buys since they taste pretty bad. So, you’re completely right, the frother and fresh milk are a much better choice even if you get a Verismo. But, I would suggest to skip their frother and get a different one since it’s not very durable.
      And now, the Nespresso. The Nespresso uses aluminium capsules and they are coated with protective film to prevent any contact between the aluminium and the coffee, so you don’t have to worry about them. This information about the machines is simply impossible to find. It took me two hours, reading manuals and user guides and what not, and finally I had to send them an email. I will let you know as soon as I get a reply from them.

      I guess this is really important to you so I want to help.

      • Cinthya says

        Danijela, I really appreciate all your help & time =). I’ll wait for your info on the Nespresso before I make my decision. Thank you again for the help.

        • Danijela says

          You’re welcome! I just got the mail from Nespresso and in short : it says that Nespresso machine water tanks contain no trace of Bisphenol-A and made using styrene methylmethacrylate copolymer (SMMA), which is approved for use. The only machine/part that contain BPA are external milk jugs on their Lattissima machines. I think these are great news, since you can choose among all other models plus use their frother. I hope this helps. I’m sure you’ll choose the best machine for you home. All the best.

  23. Lindsay Hawkins says

    I have issues with my rivo brewing less and less espresso each time that i use it. Any idea how to fix this problem? It's so hard to find any FAQs on the rivo. But I love it!!!!

    • Danijela says

      I’m sorry you’re having these issues with your machine Lindsay. I can’t say for sure, but I would first run a cleansing brew just to make sure there are no coffee grounds in the internal components. I don’t know if you have a manual, but just in case: place a mug on a drip tray. Run an espresso lungo button without inserting the pod and when the process is complete, discard the water from the mug. That’s it.

      If this doesn’t help and you don’t have any problems with power and you know that water reservoir is full, you might want to descale your brewer. You should do this every 3 – 6 months just to make sure that your machine is (and keep) working properly. Here’s a video showing how you should descale your brewer.

      If you don’t have this special bottle, you can any citrus based decalcifying solution. Keurig FAQ says: “It is not recommended that one use vinegar to clean the Rivo® System. Instead, please use a a citrus based decalcifying solution, such as Durgol. The outside of the brewer can be cleaned with a warm damp cloth. ”

      And, if this doesn’t help, I suggest to call their customer service. In fact, you can try the cleansing brew, and call the customer service before you try descaling the brewer, just in case 😉 . You can give them a call at 866-901-2739 or send them an email .
      I hope this helps. Good luck and let me know if you need anything else. Thanks for stopping by!

  24. john says

    Rivo is now available at Kohls. $249 but with a 30% off I got ours for $175.
    Gift for my wife’s birthday. any idea what size cups to get for cappuccino and latte? I got 3 oz espresso cups.

    • Danijela says

      Wow, that’s a lovely gift John. And, I love the price!
      As far as the cups, well, it depends on what you like. Because you can serve a latte/cappuccino in 8 oz or 16 oz cup. You don’t have to follow some strict rules.
      Personally, I love 12 oz cups. They are not too large, but you can still stir your coffee without making a mess. I think it’s great size no matter if you’re making your latte/cappuccino using short espresso or espresso lungo setting. And they look pretty good, too.
      In fact, I think that Keurig recommends 12 oz cup too for the Rivo cappuccinos and lattes. I hope this helps.
      PS. I don’t know if you got a recipe book with your machine, but just in case you need one, you can download one online Have a great week and let me know if you need anything else. Cheers!

    • Danijela says

      Thanks Chanah. Some say they might start carrying the Rivo around the holidays, but I can’t say for sure. I will keep you updated. Let me know if you need anything else and have a great week.

  25. Dave says

    I was lucky enough to order one of the Rivos from keruig .com when they were still shipping to Canada….they won’t ship to Canada any more and it isn’t available on Rivo .ca yet. Regardless, we love this machine. It works great and we have the Intenso and the Decaf pods so we can treat ourselves any time – and it brings back great memories of our recent trip to Italy.

    For anyone having issues with the frother Karen pointed out what may be causing your issues. The second or third time that I used it I figured that it would be better to push the rubber stopper all the way up so it was in contact with the lid. If you do that it actually prevents the wisk from spinning at all. You’ll get warm milk, but that’s it….and it may make a funny grinding sound.

    Slide the rubber stopper back down the shaft that the wisk is on, then slowly slide it up….there is actually a little indent that it is supposed to sit it. And there should be a gap up about a quarter of an inch or so between the stopper and the underside of the lid. Since figuring this out we haven’t had a single issue with our Rivo, and we use it a lot.

    • Danijela says

      Hi Nelson,
      no they, don’t make reusable cups for the Rivo at this moment. They only make original espresso cups. Sorry. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. Let me know if you need anything else.

  26. karen says

    I had a similar problem with the frother. I fixed it easily. It has to do with the rubber dome shaped stopper on the frother. There must be space between the top of the frother and the stopper. If you push the stopper all the way flush against the frother lid it will not aerate. Good luck!

  27. Robert says

    I’ve had my Rivo for a couple of months now and it suddenly won’t froth anymore, and I haven’t found any Rivo blogsite for Keurig Q & A has no answers, can any one help?

    • Danijela says

      Hi Robert. One of my readers had this same problem. Luckily, Keurig has a pretty good customer service. so I suggest to give them a call and just say that you’re having a problem with the milk frother. I am sure they will be glad to help. You can find the contact info at the bottom of this page . Good luck and let me know if you need anything else.

  28. milt says

    can you use liquid flavored creamers with the milk in the frother. about 25 % creamer to 75% milk with the rivo. i can do this with the nespresso lattisima plus

    • Danijela says

      Rivo does have a separate frothing pitcher (it’s pretty similar to those on Nespresso Lattissima machines), so I am pretty sure that you can use this same recipe. However, you should know that adding any other ingredient besides milk (before frothing), like ice, syrup, creamer etc is not usually recommended, because it CAN cause a damage to your coffee machine. Both Keurig and Nespresso don’t recommend this. I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by. All the best!

      • vincent says

        I also use 50/50 on whole milk and flavored creamer. It gives me a nice froth and flavor. I know the instructions do not recommend it, but I clean it out every time. Then i run a clean water froth cycle afterwards, to prevent any residue. Then I hand dry all the froth components. I honestly think my machine should be fine. What are your thoughts? Do you honestly think that running 50/50 milk and flavored creamer will damage the frother if it is meticulously cleaned every time?

        • Danijela says

          Creamers and milk have almost the same texture so it’s not like you’re using sugary syrups, ice cubes or anything. I don’t think it can cause any damage neither. Especially since you’re taking such a good care and you clean the frother thoroughly. I do have to mention manufacturer’s recommendation though.

  29. Apollo says

    I have never tried the Keurig, but love Lattes and Cappuccinos. I have long been looking for a great machine to have in my kitchen. I might put this one on my short list.

    • Danijela says

      Hi Apollo, I am glad you like it. Yes, most Keurig machines don’t make espresso and cappuccinos, this is the first model ever. If you’re looking for a good single serve machine that makes espresso and cappuccinos, Rivo is a pretty good choice. People love this machine, even though it’s relatively new. The CBTL machines are also a great choice especially because they make both brewed coffee and espresso drinks. I hope that helps.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

  30. Al says

    I have an old Gaggia Classic espresso machine and my own Rancilio grinder but I also like to go by and get Starbucks espressos for the convenience on the way to work. I have been looking for reviews on the Verismo and Rivo machines and really want to try one for quick lattes in the morning without grinding, tamping, etc. Which one would you recommend at this point for the best all-in-one solution, the Verismo or the Rivo? I always get a triple Venti at Starbucks so I presume I would be using multiple pods so I know I won’t be getting much of a cost savings. Thanks for the effort you put into your reviews.

    • Danijela says

      Hello, Al
      wow you have a really good taste. I love Gaggia machines.
      As far as the Verismo / Rivo, I would probably recommend Rivo.
      First of all, I don’t really like Starbucks milk pods. In my opinion, fresh milk is really important if we want to make good espresso based drinks.
      Second, I usually buy Lavazza espresso and I like the fact that Rivo uses their espresso pods. And there is that pod/ packs price difference. Verismo pods – $0.99 per drink, Rivo packs $0.83 per pack.

      Of course, good customer service is also important and according to my readers, Keurig has much better customer service than Starbucks.
      These are just a few reasons. I hope this will help a little bit.
      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and this nice comment, I really appreciate it. If you need anything else, feel free to ask, I will be glad to help. All the best!

      • Al says

        Oh I love Lavazza espresso too, so that would be a plus with a Rivo. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Beans in the blue bags are one of my favorites to grind myself.

  31. Kimberly Kirby says

    Received the Rivo for Christmas and love it! Bought the R-cups from Keurig online… not a problem. The only problem is that the frother is no longer really frothing the milk. There seems to be no difference now between latte and cappucinno. It just seems to spin the milk around a bit and warm it up. So disappointed! Not sure what to do… curious if you have heard of this happening from anyone else. Have used it probably 25 or so times since Christmas. So sad:(

    • Danijela says

      Hi Kimberly,
      sorry for the late response. I am glad that you like the Rivo and I want to thank you for your feedback. As far as this milk frother problem, this is not a cheap coffee machine and you should be able to use it more than 25 times for the price. Rivo comes with the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and I think it would not be a bad idea to contact Keurig customer service ( you can find contact info here ). I hope they will help. Let me know how it went or if you need anything else. Good luck!

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