Coffee Health Facts

Is coffee good for you, how many cups per day is ok and how to drink coffee if there are some existing health issues. Read the stuff below and find out if you should leave your cup or grab one more…

Please note, I work with coffee. I’m not a dr. These are general information and studies results and I just wanted to share them all in one place since they are important. Please consult with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider for more details or if you have any specific questions. Thank you.

Coffee and high blood pressure

Coffee will temporarily kick up your blood pressure. So, generally speaking, people with high blood pressure should avoid coffee, switch to decaf or at least restrict number of coffee cups per day.

Coffee and low blood pressure

If you have troubles with low blood pressure, coffee can be a pretty good thing. Since it brings blood pressure level up, you can consume it whenever you feel sleepy or tired. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should drink 5 cups a day since that can have a negative effect on your liver and gastrointestinal system.

Coffee and pregnancy

Unfortunately, a large number of studies have confirmed that coffee (caffeine to be precise) can give serious complications during pregnancy. Consumption of more than 12oz of coffee (200mg of caffeine), can lead to miscarriage. Experts have confirmed that drinking large amounts of coffee per day (8 cups) will double the risk of stillbirth. Caffeine may also reduce blood flow to the placenta and since it goes through placenta it can directly affect baby’s developing cells. Too much coffee during pregnancy can result in high heart rates and breathing rates with newborns.

So, it’s best not to drink coffee at all while you are in blessed condition. Or at least, try to follow the recommendations about coffee consumption limit (12oz per day) and change your standard coffee blend with decaf. To find out more about the caffeine effect on pregnancy read this article.

Coffee and gastrointestinal system

Although coffee doesn’t relate to liver health issues, it can sometimes give you troubles because coffee is kinda strong and heavy, especially if you like extra bold coffees. To avoid this just follow one simple rule: always take few sips of water while you’re drinking coffee. That’s why espresso is always served with a glass of water. Switching to medium or light roasts is also a good idea.

Coffee and cholesterol

If you have troubles with high cholesterol levels, you need to drink less coffee, since it boosts up cholesterol level.

However, some studies have confirmed that paper filters can keep substances which are responsible for this, so your first choice should be drip or pour over coffee.

Coffee and cancer risks

If you drink coffee on a regular basis, you can significantly lower the risk of colon, rectal, liver or even breast cancer. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should drink 10 large cups a day. Two or three 8 oz cups are fine.

Coffee and diabetes

Coffee has good influence when it comes to diabetes. Coffee reduces the risk of getting diabetes in the first place. Since it has a direct effect on your metabolism, it can also keep existing diabetes problems under the control.

And, here are few more facts:

It’s obvious that coffee has some really good qualities. And, let’s not forget the taste…

But please, if you should restrict the number of cups per day because of your health condition – restrict them! Always have a glass of water while you’re drinking bold or espresso coffees. And, don’t forget that too much isn’t always good. Two to three 8 oz cups a day is more than enough.

I hope this helps. Enjoy your coffee! xo


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