How to Make Instant Coffee – A Really Good One!

I am constantly reminding you how important is to try to take the best out of your daily coffee routine. Choosing the right blend, brewing it properly and finding some time to enjoy your coffee really is not too hard.

Still, some of you will probably stick to the simplest solution: using instant coffee (powder or granules) and hot water.

That’s why I want to share few tips on how to make instant coffee – a good one.

how to make instant coffee

The most common mistake instant coffee lovers make is using the same water ratio every time.

But depending on coffee brand, or blend, this ratio may vary. So, I suggest to read the instruction first. Especially when using specific instant coffee for the first time.

At the other hand, following producers recommendations strictly, will not necessarily result in a perfect cup of coffee. Coffee producers sometimes overvalue the quality of coffee powder why you sometimes end up with undrinkable, watery cup of coffee. This is almost like a rule for milky type of drinks like instant cappuccinos.

So, try to follow your own taste too. Is coffee too watery? Add less water. Is it too strong for your taste?! Add little more water or fresh milk.

How NOT to Make Instant Coffee?!

Believe it or not, but I receive some emails asking should instant coffee be brewed using coffee machine. The answer is NO! Both granules and powder are produced in that way that you only need  hot water to make coffee. There are no coffee machines involved. You may use the coffee maker, but just to get the hot water, and for that purpose only!

So, how should instant coffee be prepared?! Just take a proper amount of hot water, add coffee and stir. That’s all.

If you use the microwave to heat water, do that before you add coffee. This coffee needs a hot water in order to completely dissolve.

3 Ways to Get Better Instant Coffee Drink

  1. Even if instant coffee already contains milk, always add fresh milk in it. The milk changes coffee structure, which gives that beautiful creamy look and taste.
  2. It is not a bad idea to try out different flavors (if you like flavored coffees) since the price of regular and flavored instant coffees is quite the same.
  3. Each time you add something new to your standard instant coffee, like creamer, whipped cream or chocolate chips you will create a completely new drink. Play with different tastes, find your favorite combination and enjoy.

As simple as making a cup of instant coffee. :)

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