How to Make Instant Coffee (A good one)

I am constantly reminding you how important is to try to take the best out of your daily coffee routine. Choosing the right blend, brewing it properly and finding some time to enjoy your coffee really is not hard.

But, in the morning when you don’t have time for anything, instant coffee can be a life saver. Also at work or in any occasion when you don’t have the time, a coffee maker or nerves to do anything else but mix up some coffee and hot water.

It maybe doesn’t taste like Chemex coffee, but instant coffee has it’s own advantages. First, it stays fresh and has much longer shelf life than regular coffee. It’s super simple & convenient to make since you only need coffee and hot water. It’s also super fast to make. And it’s perfect for quick iced coffee recipes like frappe, frappuccino and they often use them for cakes.

How to Make Instant Coffee

And, here are few tips on how to make good instant coffee at home.

1. coffee : water ratio. The most common mistake people make when making instant coffee is using the same coffee to water ratio, always. Depending on coffee brand (and blend) this ratio may vary. So I suggest to read the preparation instructions first. Especially when using specific instant coffee for the first time.

BUT, also follow your own taste. Coffee producers sometimes overvalue the quality of coffee powder, why you sometimes end up with undrinkable, watery cup of coffee. This is almost a rule for milky drinks like instant cappuccinos. Is coffee too watery? Add less water. Is it too strong for your taste?! Add little more water or fresh milk. Always follow your own taste.

For most instant coffees, the recipe is 1-2 tsp granules/powder or 1 single pack per 8 oz water. But as mentioned, depending on the brand, you will want to use more or less coffee. The water should be hot, but not boiling.

2. use hot water (or milk) only. Believe it or not, but I get emails asking if instant coffee should be brewed in a coffee maker. My answer is always NO. Both granules and instant powder are produced in that way that you only need hot water to make coffee. There are no coffee machines involved. You may use the coffee maker, but just to get the hot water, and for that purpose only.

If you use a microwave to make instant coffee, again, use it just to heat up the water. Fill up a mug with water, heat the water in the microwave like you normally would. When done, add coffee, milk, creamer etc. No need to microwave it again.

3. find your ideal coffee : milk formula. For me, that’s 3/4 cup coffee 1/4 milk. Or black. Some like 1/2 cup coffee and 1/2 milk. Play with different versions, find your favorite combination and enjoy. PS. even if instant coffee already contains milk, I usually add some fresh milk for that extra creamy result.

4. add up some flavors. flavored creamers works great with instant coffees and you can always add your favorite creamer if you like. It is not a bad idea to try out different instant coffee flavors too, since the price of regular and flavored instant coffees is usually the same.

best selling: Starbucks VIA instant coffee
my favorite: Jacobs Krönung instant coffee


One more thing: How to make your own instant coffee? Instant coffee production technology is a complicated process and it can’t be done at home. Even if you love diy projects and there are some bizzare ideas on the web, please skip this one. Instant coffees really are not that expensive, they come in so many different flavors and from so many different brands and there’s no reason to complicate things. Simply buy a bag, jar, can, make yourself some coffee and enjoy.


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