How to Make Iced Coffee With Keurig

How to make iced coffee with Keurig coffee maker?! Depending on what you like, you can use special Brew Over Ice k-cups or regular k-cups. I always prefer to use regular ones.

how to make iced coffee with Keurig

How to make iced coffee with regular k-cups

If you’re like me and you love making drinks from scratch, then you’ll love this method. It actually very simple and tastes great. Let me tell you how I make it.

You will need:
1 regular k-cup of your choice
3 oz cold milk
4-5 ice cubes
sugar, optional

1. Brew 1 k-cup at 6 oz cup size setting (if you have a 4 ounce choice, that’s even better)
2. Let the coffee stand at room temperature for 10 minutes.
3. Put ice cubes in a tall glass. You don’t have to fill up an entire glass with ice cubes – 4 or 5 ice cubes will be great.
4. Add coffee, milk and enough sugar to achieve the level of sweetness you usually like and stir. Done!


If you prefer, you can use Brew Over Ice option. These k-cups are specially designed to brew directly over ice and they contain extra coffee/tea. There are 17 different flavors to choose from including coffee, tea or lemonade.

Here’s how to use Brew over ice k-cups:
1. fill up a 16 oz tumbler with ice cubes
2. brew 1 brew over ice k-cup (choose 6 – 8 oz cup size) directly into the tumbler.
3. add sugar and creamer to taste, stir and enjoy!

Thank you so much for reading, sharing and contributing, as always.

Don’t forget to pair your coffee with some nice tumbler. Oh, and here’s another trick: try using coffee instead of water for your ice cubes. Just brew a nice amount of coffee, let it stand out for 10 minutes at room temperature and freeze it in an ice cube tray. There’s no way you’ll get a watery cup of iced coffee this way.


    • Danijela says

      Yes, chocolate sauce is a must when it comes to iced drinks. At least in my case. ;) Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you like it!

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