How to make a cappuccino at home

A few years ago, I thought I had the cappuccino thing covered. Then one day, I was like -wait, not everyone have an espresso machine at home. And like, can instant cappuccinos taste like a real one…

So, I decided to spend a week focused on making a perfect cappuccino without an espresso machine. Success!

how to make a cappuccino at home

I think I totally figured it out. And yes…today I’m sharing my favorite cappuccino recipes and solutions.

Now, I know this is really obvious: if you have an espresso machine at home, YOU CAN make the original cappuccino drink (just like bartenders do).

If you don’t, no worries, you can make a diy cappuccino version. Even though it’s not a real cappuccino, it will taste like one. It’s a good choice if you have a drip or a single serve coffee maker. And, last but not least, you can make it really simple and use instant cappuccino mix.

How to make a cappuccino with an espresso machine

I’m not very good at making how-to videos, so I decided to share this one instead. The video is really fantastic and I use the same method, coffee & milk ratio so I guarantee you’ll have an outstanding result.

How to make a cappuccino at home without machine

In three simple steps you can get a pretty similar cappuccino taste and texture like when using an espresso machine. Not a real thing, but it will definitely taste like one.

Brew a really strong cup of coffee. If you make 8 oz you can make two servings. It’s really important to make good and strong coffee. Dark roasted blends will be perfect.

1. Start with 3 oz – 4 oz black coffee
2. Heat up the milk until steaming (on the stove or in the microwave)
3. Now, froth the milk really good, using milk frother or a whisk. You want to get a tiny bubbles (we call this the microfoam). When the foam is nice and rich, just add it to your coffee.

How to make instant cappuccino

Now, I know that some so-called coffee experts will hate me for saying this but, yes, you can use instant cappuccino mix if you want to use instant cappuccino mix. It doesn’t have a lot in common with real cappuccinos (as far as the price, taste and quality), but it’s still an option. In fact, it’s a life saver if you don’t have fresh coffee, espresso machine, milk frother, or you’re just in a hurry. And, they are pretty popular because they come in like 20 different flavors.

And here are just few tips that will help you get a nice cup of cappuccino using instant mix.

Always read preparation instructions. Different mixes have different coffee to water ratios. This is why you should always follow producer’s recommendations.
Sometimes, these cappuccino mixes are overestimated. If your coffee tastes watery or bad, use less water next time.
Don’t try to fill up a 16 oz tumbler using one serving. One serving is usually for a 5,6 oz glass.
If you want nice and creamy taste, add an extra splash of milk for extra creaminess.



    • Danijela says

      Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by. I am glad I could help. In my opinion, you can’t get wrong with Lavazza or Illy coffee (these are my favorites). If you prefer “average joe” coffees, you may want to try Caribou Cross Fox espresso blend, it’s really nice. :)

  1. doug_eike says

    You’ve presented a lot of great information here. I enjoyed watching the video, and I am impressed with the clean and organized look of your site. I am a coffee lover, as well, but I try to limit my intake of the caffeinated varieties. Thanks!

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