Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend Kcup Review

I have a new series of reviews ready for you. In the next few weeks, I am going to post several Kcup reviews, hoping it will help you find the perfect blend to brew on your Keurig.

The fact is that there is one major problem when doing a Kcup review. There is no amazing smells nor beautiful colors of coffee beans like when you open a bag of fresh coffee. When it comes to Kcups, what really counts is what you get after you brew it!  This is why writing a quality Kcup review has always been a demanding task.

I decided to accept this challenge last week, when people from Cross Country Cafe asked me to give my opinion on some  Kcups from their offer.

I thought it would not be a bad idea to start from one  interesting breakfast blend called Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend Kcup.

As you probably know, many people find breakfast blends watery, too acidic and tasteless. So, let’s see what you’re getting with this one!

I assumed that this coffee will not leave a good impression on me. After all, I am a fan of dark roasted, full bodied blends. But, at the very beginning , I was pleasantly surprised.
As I said, there is no amazing aroma with Kcups. You just take it, put it in your Keurig and press that ON button. And in my case, you take a notebook and a pen.

After my brewer filled the cup the first thing I could notice was its nice, medium to dark brown color. The fact that this coffee is partly made from Costa Rican coffee beans could be a reason for this coffee to have uncharacteristic texture and color (yes, most of morning blends usually have just too light brown color).

As a true coffee lover I took the cup and smelled it for few seconds. Instead of  too strong citrus aroma, I was greeted with really sophisticated smell of fresh morning coffee. No oranges, no lemons, just pure coffee.

Then finally, I took that first sip. Yes, I expected really acidic sharp taste. Surprisingly what I got was nice smokey, but still silky mouthfeel.

I really don’t know how Green Mountain managed to cover too strong acidity of the light roast coffees in this one, but they somehow did. In fact this coffee was almost perfectly balanced. Instead of crisp, sharp, citrus taste, it gave me beautiful silky, woody and soft coffee drink with just a hint of floral aroma.

Even better,  coffee kept all these characteristics in the aftertaste. There were no unpleasant surprises here.

In order to write a complete review I decided to add little milk into the cup, just to see how will affect it. It turned out to be a good move, since it resulted in creamy even better tasting cup of coffee. If you always add milk to your coffee, this blend would surely be a smart choice.

Based on all this, I would like to give some recommendations.

If you like really strong, bitter, full bodied  coffee this one will probably not be a perfect choice for you. It would also be a bad choice when making iced coffees.

On the other hand, if you like coffees which are not too strong, but still are tasteful, you should certainly go for this one. In fact, I rarely had the chance to drink morning blend with so many good  characteristics. Woody, silky, mellow, this coffee earned the best grades from me.

Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend Kcup Review

The drink: Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend Kcup Pack
Producer: Green Mountain Coffee
Roast: Light
Certified: Kosher

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CrossCountryCafe .com. All opinions are 100% mine.


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