Folgers Mocha Swirl Review

I picked up Folgers Gourmet Selections Mocha Swirl last week.

folgers mocha swirl review

As you know, I love making my drinks from scratch, but this coffee was really nice. And totally recommendable.

Dark to medium roast and amazingly balanced. Richly bittersweet. Chocolate, vanilla and a hint of almond in both, aroma and cup. Beautiful creamy mouthfeel and a rich cocoa-toned finish.

Different from real mocha coffees (with cocoa, milk and sugar), this one is just flavored, which means less calories – if you are concerned about them. With 0 carbs and fats, Mocha Swirl is a great solution to satisfy my sweet tooth without the extra calories.

And, honestly, it’s a real time saver for busy parents!

I picked up my coffee at Walmart. It’s flavored, pre-ground and not very expensive. But, I  will definitely be buying Mocha Swirl again.

This coffee is also available in k-cup form.

Have you tried Folgers Gourmet yet?!