Green Mtn Sumatran Reserve K-cup Review – Fair Trade Certified & Organic

If buying organic or fair traded products is a part of your lifestyle, you'll love this Green Mountain Coffee Sumatran Reserve k-cup. Sumatran Reserve K cup has good quality, exotic flavor and regular k cup price, which is great. The Drink: Sumatran Reserve K-cup From: Green Mountain Coffee Roast: Dark Certified: Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher also available in: vue cups, bagged coffee Sumatran Reserve is an extra bold coffee. … [Read more...]

Giveaway: HiLine Coffee Nespresso compatible coffee capsules

Happy Monday! Today I'm partnering up with HiLine Coffee Company to bring you one really awesome giveaway. Here's a little about the company first. "Founded by two coffee-loving best friends, HiLine Coffee was created with the goal of bringing customers new options for capsules to use in Nespresso machines. While we believe Nespresso manufactures the best single-serve coffee machines, it's time to offer consumers more choice when it comes to … [Read more...]

Green Mountain Dark Magic K-cup Review

I'm pretty in love with Green Mountain Dark Magic K-cup. And, if you love dark roasted, full bodied coffees, you'll love this coffee too. The drink: Green Mountain Extra Bold Dark Magic K-cup From: Green Mountain Coffee Roast: Dark Certified: Kosher This coffee has everything. It tastes, smells and it feels great. In fact, I am pretty sure you'll love this coffee the same moment coffee maker fills up your cup. It has a dark brown … [Read more...]

Folgers Mocha Swirl Review

I picked up Folgers Gourmet Selections Mocha Swirl last week. As you know, I love making my drinks from scratch, but this coffee was really nice. And totally recommendable. Dark to medium roast and amazingly balanced. Richly bittersweet. Chocolate, vanilla and a hint of almond in both, aroma and cup. Beautiful creamy mouthfeel and a rich cocoa-toned finish. Different from real mocha coffees (with cocoa, milk and sugar), this one is … [Read more...]

Starbucks Sumatra K-cup Review

We have had a Keurig for a long time and I remember when there were only a few varieties. Now there are hundreds of K-Cup varieties out there, so finding the right one can be a tricky thing. Today we are going to get up close with Starbucks Sumatra K-cup Coffee. If you don't usually buy Starbucks coffees you probably won't like the price - $20.00 for 24 k-cups. Not the most affordable k-cup, I know. But, what about the coffee? It is … [Read more...]

Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend Review

The drink: Green Mountain Coffee Vermont Country Blend From: Green Mountain Coffee Roast: Medium Certified: Fair Trade, Kosher Do you remember my "Fair Trade Favorites Blissmobox" video?!   I got this gift from Green Mountain Coffee and loved it. My Blissmobox was full of fair traded products, but my favorite item of course, was a bag of fair traded coffee – Vermont Country Blend. Since I don’t usually buy medium roasted … [Read more...]

100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Review

This morning I invited my lovely sister to come by and join me for a cup of coffee. Because, today I reviewed a very special coffee, an offering from C&C Specialty Coffee: the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Beautiful morning, family, home and good cup - it made me feel like I was living the perfect life. Let me tell you more about the coffee... Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of those coffees you can find on "top 10 most expensive coffees … [Read more...]