Affogato Recipe – Ice Cream in Coffee

In the real world, affogato isn’t anything more than espresso and vanilla ice cream in a cup.

But in this brew-pour-sip-ahhh word, affogato coffee is a real espresso perfection.

I adore affogato. This hot, strong espresso coffee and light, sweet vanilla ice cream combo will give an unforgettable experience. And, it’s so easy to put together.

affogato recipe

Affogato recipe

1 scoop vanilla ice cream
1 double espresso shot (2 oz)

Put vanilla ice cream into the cup. Pull out a double espresso shot and just pour over the ice cream. The espresso should fill the cup but it should not cover ice cream entirely. Do not stir. If you want to add sugar to your coffee, do it before you cover ice cream with espresso.

The traditional affogato recipe uses just two ingredients: espresso and vanilla ice cream. But, you can add a big squeeze of chocolate syrup, few drops of your favorite liquor or a pinch of cinnamon. You can even play with different ice cream flavors.

You don’t have an espresso machine at home?! That’s fine. You can use regular coffee to make your affogato.

Ok, maybe then it won’t be a real affogato. But, who cares. As long as it tastes amazing….

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