What is a Cappuccino and How to Tell if it is Any Good

If you don't want to give up on that strong aromatic taste of espresso coffee but you want something little softer and sweeter, I suggest going for cappuccino. It is a simple way to get the perfect cup of coffee with little luxury inside. Cappuccino is a coffee drink prepared from espresso coffee and milk. People still confuse cappuccino with latte coffee. This is because espresso and steamed milk are basic ingredients for both cappuccino … [Read more...]

Espresso – The Italian Style Prestige


Have you ever wondered what makes espresso so special?! Its taste, aroma or its tradition?! Although I am not a fan of history lessons, the truth is that espresso wouldn't have such an important place in coffee culture without its exciting history. So, in order to understand its true value it would not be bad to start from the very beginning. Espresso Story People tend to believe that espresso bean is responsible for espresso coffee … [Read more...]

Coffee in Arabia – From Seeds to Cups

Besides the fact that coffee came from Ethiopia, Arabians are those with the greatest role in coffee tradition. For this reason, not explaining the history of coffee in  Arabia would be a big mistake. You may grab a cup of fresh coffee and join me in this story... In the 15th century, the coffee seed was brought from Ethiopia to Arabian peninsula. Although they were not familiar with all the advantages of coffee we know today, it seems that … [Read more...]

How is Coffee Harvested


Coffee harvesting  is one of the most demanding processes in entire coffee production cycle. Even if you provide quality coffee seed and all necessary growing conditions, without proper harvest you won't get good coffee beans. While harvesting is one of the easiest steps in maize, wheat or apple farming, for coffee farming this is a breaking point - it determines coffee quality level. For those who don't know much about coffee plant … [Read more...]

All About Coffee – The Intro


Got your cup ready? Let's pick up on a few facts about coffee, just so we know what is it all about :) Information about coffee plant Coffee is a flowering, perennial plant that grows in tropical and subtropical areas. The tree of coffee has green shiny leaves which remain the same through all seasons (an evergreen plant). Coffee leaves have dark green color on the upper side and much lighter underneath. Although coffee tree can grow … [Read more...]

Dry Process Coffee


If you love your coffee to have that full, earthy taste you should know that this taste is the main characteristic of dry process coffee. Since I am a big fan of dry process coffee beans, I want to share with you some basics about the way they are produced and the characteristics. The dry process is most traditional method of coffee processing. It is completely natural and it requests a lot of manual work, which gives some special note to … [Read more...]

Coffee production in a nutshell


I love to know everything about some of my interests, so it is no surprise that I have to dig deeper into coffee information. I learn something new every day, and I think there is some interesting stuff you may want to know as well. Here are some important facts about the last step in coffee production - coffee processing. This step is a must since it changes coffee fruit into the final product - coffee bean. Plus, it's a phase in which … [Read more...]